Gender. Knowledge. Computer Science. Network on Research Transfer of interdisciplinary knowledge on Gender and Computer Science (GEWINN)
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The members of the team and the steering committee introduce themselves
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Forums for continuous exchange
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Living Labs

Insights into the future of software development
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Our goals


GEWINN promotes knowledge transfer between research and practice through exchange and networking.


By means of the knowledge transfer, we propose recommendations for practice to develop gender-fair software and support a gender-fair IT culture.


GEWINN creates an interdisciplinary network for improving equal opportunities and a gender-fair and diversity-sensitive participation in the digital transformation.

Mission statement

Excellent research has to take gender issues into account, especially in the field of science and technology, such as computer science. There is much talk on digital transformation – we focus on it with regard to gender. Gender aspects are rarely taken into account in the professional life of software engineering, in the design of hardware and software, or in the management of IT projects. However, the integration of gender aspects strengthens the innovative power of research and development and allows a more appropriate implementation of the results. The GEWINN project addresses this gap research and practice and promotes exchange and networking between them.

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GENDER//WISSEN//INFORMATIK" in den soziale Netzwerken